Saturday, December 31, 2011

A new year - and some new treasures

Today was the last Saturday of 2011 and the first day for my new blog.  Saturday mornings for me and my hubby are filled with treasure hunting at Flea Markets, yard sales and wherever our little white truck leads us.  We are both retired and the thrill of the hunt is now in our veins.  Sometmes we keep our treasures, but sometimes we sell them on Etsy or Ebay.  When we do, I love to share the good news of the profit we made.  Of course, sometimes we come up with some duds as well.
Today was an unproductive type of day.  I did find a pair of Alegria shoes for $20.  They retailed for $110 and they were brand new in the box - had never been worn at all.  Hubby found a pair of "barely broken in" Tony Lama boots for $15.  He's had them on all day!  Nothing to sell today, but just wait until next week! 
 Be sure to click on the tabs at the top.  The Flea Market Adventures tab will take you to some posts that I've done about Flea Market finds on another blog titled As Life Happens

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