Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter Doldrums affect Flea Market Vendors

It was a rainy, dreary kind of morning as we headed out to the market Saturday morning.  We're getting a little lazy about getting out and about, but sleeping in was nice on such a dark, overcast day.  We drug into the market parking lot at about 9:15 a.m.  Vendors were showing their displeasure at being there.  As little rain showers kept popping up, the vendors in the outside sheds were trying to stay dry and having trouble doing it.  Not so much that rain was coming in on them, but that everything just felt damp.

One of my favorite vendors who carries department store overstocks was there with shoes and purses, and fragrances - three of my favorite things.  Henry had bought this pair of Donald J Pliner men's boots from him last week at a great buy knowing that I could sell them pretty well on Ebay since they're a popular and expensive line of boots.  I listed them on the same day we bought them and was pleasantly surprised when the auction ended today with a $110 bid.  I won't reveal exactly what I paid for them, but I did make a nice profit.
A nice profit was to be made on these Donald Pliner Boots.
He also bought these vintage Elephant hide cowboy boots last week and paid $20 for them.  They ended with a $96 bid.  He also has a good eye for buying!
I found a few pieces of vintage costume jewelry that I'll be listing on Etsy.  Not a lot of profit there, but still fun to buy and sell.
Unmarked vintage earrings on top and vintage Coro earrings on bottom.
I'll be happy to see Spring come with it's yard sales and happy Flea Market vendors.  I love those Saturday morning adventures!  Remember, it's the thrill of the hunt!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Blah Day at the Market

It was a brisk, but sunny morning.  I always go prepared for the weather and today was no exception.  I had two layers of clothing, a nice warm scarf for my neck, wool socks, a wool hat and my down jacket.  I was warm and comfy.    It was 9 a.m. before I got to the flea market in Pineville, but it was so cold there was no-one else milling about either.  I don't often have Saturday mornings that are a total waste of time, but today almost was.  Maybe if I had got myself out a little earlier? 

Vendors usually don't have the time to even say hello, but today they were calling out to me and being extremely friendly.  I was beginning to think I had a big tag on the back of my jacket that said "Be nice to me....I like to buy stuff". 

I guess it wasn't a total bust because I did buy something I knew my hubby would think was a good deal.  It was a Case (brand name) pocket knife in a collector's tin.  I paid $10 for it and came home and listed it on Ebay as a "buy it now" for $30.  It sold ten minutes after I listed it, so that at least paid for my gas.  And I forgot, I bought a pre-owned Colombia fleece jacket for $5 for myself from one of my favorite vendors.  She always has really nice things and I know everything she has is freshly laundered and smoke-free / pet-free. 

I suppose no day at a flea market is a bad day.  You never know what treasure waits around the corner.  Next week will be better....I just know it!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


I love shopping!  I would go everyday if I had plenty of money, but as it is, I go "thrift" shopping and sometimes get lucky.  Today was one of those days.  I was lazy this morning - hubby got up early and took our grandson on a Youth hunting trip, so I crawled back in bed.  It's not much fun going flea marketing without him anyway.  After I got my second cup of coffee in me, I decided to run into town to pick up a few things and passed by Ross, a discount store similar to TJ Maxx.  I figured I had already missed their Christmas closeouts, but on a whim, I pulled in.

I'm a sucker for dishes, and I love tablescaping, so I was drawn to the home goods aisles first.  I need a new set of everyday drinking glasses, and yes - I found some!  $8.99 for ten nice 17 ounce ones.

As I browsed, I saw what looked like Spode - the Christmas Tree pattern salad plates.  I turned them over and they were indeed Spode!  And for $3.49 each.  The retail price was not damaged by the Ross sticker  - $24 each retail!   They only had three, but I scooped them up.

Bingo!  Believe it or not, these are bringing at least $15 each on Ebay, so the first thing I did when I got home was list them!  That means I'll get my drinking glasses for free, plus have a little extra to go in my pocket.

Hubby called me while I was shopping and wanted me to go to lunch with him and the grandson.  I hurried home and we went out for a burger at Five Guys.  Hmm....we still have time to go to the flea market, but will there be anything good left?  Sometimes people bargain at the end of the day, so away we go. 

Remember my obsession with dishes?  These will be beautiful for a Valentines Day tablescape! 
Waverly - Garden Lane pattern!  Hoo-boy!  I love these and you are not going to believe what I paid for them!  Four dinner plates, nine placemats and a table runner - all for $5.  If I had been there earlier that morning and the seller had asked $20, I would have bought them.  But all she asked was $5...for everything.  All the other shoppers were asleep on that one! 

After selling my Spode, I will end up with some free stuff today.  Don't you love it when that happens.  Tell me some of your bargain deals!  I love to hear about it and will feature it in my next blog. 

Happy bargain shopping!!!  Until next time.