Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter Doldrums affect Flea Market Vendors

It was a rainy, dreary kind of morning as we headed out to the market Saturday morning.  We're getting a little lazy about getting out and about, but sleeping in was nice on such a dark, overcast day.  We drug into the market parking lot at about 9:15 a.m.  Vendors were showing their displeasure at being there.  As little rain showers kept popping up, the vendors in the outside sheds were trying to stay dry and having trouble doing it.  Not so much that rain was coming in on them, but that everything just felt damp.

One of my favorite vendors who carries department store overstocks was there with shoes and purses, and fragrances - three of my favorite things.  Henry had bought this pair of Donald J Pliner men's boots from him last week at a great buy knowing that I could sell them pretty well on Ebay since they're a popular and expensive line of boots.  I listed them on the same day we bought them and was pleasantly surprised when the auction ended today with a $110 bid.  I won't reveal exactly what I paid for them, but I did make a nice profit.
A nice profit was to be made on these Donald Pliner Boots.
He also bought these vintage Elephant hide cowboy boots last week and paid $20 for them.  They ended with a $96 bid.  He also has a good eye for buying!
I found a few pieces of vintage costume jewelry that I'll be listing on Etsy.  Not a lot of profit there, but still fun to buy and sell.
Unmarked vintage earrings on top and vintage Coro earrings on bottom.
I'll be happy to see Spring come with it's yard sales and happy Flea Market vendors.  I love those Saturday morning adventures!  Remember, it's the thrill of the hunt!


  1. Some nice pieces again there, and good that you made a profit with the boots! As you say, visiting flea markets is so much more fun when the weather is good.

  2. Hi lovely lady.
    I also love going to the Flea Markets looking for dishes for my tables.
    I would like to thank you so much for your sweet comments on my new Tablescape. Im your newest follower on your blog now " I hope you come follow me also sweet lady.
    XXOO Diane


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