Saturday, March 16, 2013

Flea Market Saturday! Joseph Originals

We had a beautiful 70 degree plus day in the Carolinas today - one of those perfect days for treasure hunting at the Barnyard Flea Market right outside Pineville.  Hubby and went off on one of our short day trips yesterday and when we do that I usually feel like I've missed a day of my life!  Even though I'm having fun, I'm not home, therefore, a real day hasn't gone by.  I know that doesn't make a lick of sense to you, but indulge me please.  Also, neither of us has slept well this week and were very sleep deprived this morning - we're normally up and at the market by 8 a.m.  It's not necessary to get there earlier because it's a late market.

This morning, being sleep deprived, I didn't wake up until 8:56 - sounds much better than saying 9 o'clock doesn't it.  I wouldn't want y'all to think I'm a sloth!   I came in to my office and got on my computer just taking my time about waking Hubby up.  I even looked at the local weather feature on Yahoo and saw that the weather for today was to be in the 70's and the weather for Sunday would be a little cooler, but still nice.  And I wondered why they just skipped from today (FRIDAY - in my mind) to Sunday.  Why didn't they include Saturday I thought.  For those who don't know me, I am a true blonde, mind you.

Hubby finally drug himself out of the bedroom at 9:30 and said, "Why didn't you wake me.  We should have already left for the flea market?"  I thought to myself - wow, something is wrong with him, he's too groggy to know what day it is.  Then it hit me!  It IS Saturday - Duh!  So we both got ready and headed out to the market with low expectations - all the good stuff would be gone.  And we were beginning to think we were right - couldn't find a thing!

As we were walking through the last building, we walked by the booth of a vendor we had known slightly who had died suddenly about six weeks ago.  There had been a wreath on the pull-down door for several weeks in a row, but today there was a new vendor inside.  I just wandered in to see what she had and got very excited when I saw a lot of the old "Made in Japan" Victorian ladies and couples that were sold back in the late '40's and early '50's.  I'm a sucker for those things!  And it's all because of the story I told on the blog I wrote last year titled Time Travel - Favorite Things.  There were lots of things I wanted to buy, but with me trying to clear out some things, rather than bring in things, I now only buy to sell - mostly....  There's some things you just gotta' have!

The first thing that caught my eye was this lady with a parasol.  As I was turning her upside down to see her hallmark, the lady gasped which made me quickly realized that the parasol was a separate piece.  If I had broken that little parasol, I would have had to pay for a pretty piece with a broken parasol - glad she gasped!  Isn't she pretty?  I paid $10 for her and hope I can at least double my money.  If not, she has a good home here!  She's much bigger than most pieces I've seen from that time period - a whopping 12" tall!

Then there was this adorable Joseph Original girl playing the piano.  It's a music box!  I paid $10 for this one and will easily get $30 - maybe more.  She still has her Joseph Originals sticker on her skirt and one on the bottom of the musical carrosel.
 And my very favorite was this Joseph Original music box playing a lullaby!  Wouldn't this be an adorable gift for a new mom!  She'll go in my Etsy shop also.  I need to do a little more research on her - couldn't find one just like her on-line.

 And I can't forget my new picnic basket.  I bought it for $10 brand new and it's collapsible - great for taking food to church dinners, etc.  What a bargain!  And besides, it was perfect to carry all my little treasures in that I bought today.  It kept them from getting banged around in the plastic bags she put them in.
I sure was glad I got the pleasant surprise that it was Saturday and not Friday.  What a beautiful day to go flea marketing!