Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Flea Finds

Our Saturday morning flea market adventure was not very fruitful today, but as always, I did find a few treasures.  Below is a Nippon Japan girl with umbrella figurine.  I don't know why, but I love these little girl figurines.  They're so dainty and feminine and look great in a shabby chic bedroom.  She was $1
 A very pretty Shelley tea cup and saucer.  Paid $5
 I'm not a real amber color fan, but I loved the delicate shape of this one.  Paid $1
 And the detail on this old magazine stand is amazing.
Magazine stand -  Paid $3
And this vintage 1950's bread box would look nice in my vintage kitchen.  I've got too much old stuff in my kitchen now though!  Paid $2
Between Ebay and Etsy, I think I can easily make about $50 from my morning flea market adventure.  Go out and find your treasures.  It's wonderful fun!

Will see you again next Saturday ~ from... The Flea Market Junky!

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  1. soooooooooooooooooooo love the tea cup!!! The bread box is fabulous!!!! i think my junkin joe is going to have to start doing ebay or i need an addition to the house : ) LOL!!! LOVE your finds!!! hugs...

  2. Love the figurine and the magazine stand, great finds!

  3. Great finds! I just sold that bread box's sister, a revolving, musical cake stand that plays Happy Birthday, I swear. Exact same red and white and roses design, bought for $2 also. Good luck with your sales.

  4. Wow! You paid good prices for all those pretty things! I love the bread box! I see them on blogs but never have in person!

  5. Love the little teacup. Tea always tastes better from a teacup... especially a pretty cup. Enjoy.

  6. What a price for the breadbox!!! Hope you make your fortune!

  7. Oh, I love all these lovely items, my friend♡♡♡
    "a Nippon Japan girl with umbrella figurine", I think she is really cute, tea-cup and bread box; unbelievably cheap, arenT they♪
    Hope we can find flea market here close to me in Japan.


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