Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Crystal Pine Tree, Shiny Brites and all things Christmas

It's my favorite time of the year to go treasure hunting!  I love it when I spot yard sale type vendors at the flea market downsizing their Christmas collections!  And I'm a total hog about buying and keeping it for myself, even though I'm supposedly buying it to sell on Etsy or Ebay.

Last winter as I was packing up my huge collection of vintage Christmas items, I started sorting through to see what I can do without.  Mind you, it was not an easy task.  Many things that I put in the "sell" box by the end of the day went back into the "keep" box and I ended up with only one tub of items to sell.

Here's a couple of the items that I decided to sell.  This first one I bought two years ago for a great price from an estate sale.  I listed it on Ebay last night and it quickly got it's first bid of $49.50 and it has six days to go.  It is adorable and in wonderful condition.  It's from the early 1940's and the box is so collectible because of the appeal of the vintage graphics.

Isn't it adorable!  I love how the sides of the box show different scenarios of where to display the tree!  If you're interested, it's Ebay item number 121009335816 or you can view the Ebay auction here.

I also love this old tree topper star.  It is red and white with snow flocking on the white.  When you plug it in it lights up a warm red glow on the sides and the little dot in the middle.  This I also found at the flea market a couple of years ago for $2.  Hoping it will bring at least $10.

There's also some old USA made and Shiny Brite ornaments mixed in a box.  I collect Shiny Brites in the aqua and pink colors to go on my tinsel tree, but the others I picked up over the years may just be Ebayed this year.  Here's a couple of them with the vintage boxes.  I probably have fifteen more boxes that I'm saving that I put on my regular tree each year.
I am so excited about getting back into my flea marketing adventures.  Our seasonal weekend business at the coast is about over so attention flea market vendors!  This Flea Market Junkie is back in business!

I would love to get comments on what Christmas collectibles you look for each year in your treasure hunting adventures.

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