Saturday, January 19, 2013

A dry spell

I apologize that I haven't posted anything in quite a while.  I've started back on a novel that I had let lie dormant for a while, so that's taking up a lot of my time.  Plus it's been quite a dry winter for finding treasures at our local flea market.  I've found a few little pieces - some nice vintage costume jewelry - including these little Christmas pins.

I also picked up this adorable "pin dish" with lid.  It's from the 1950's and made by Rosenthal. 

 And I love this little Josef Original Christmas angel below.  She's missing a wing - but aren't we all...

And finally - I'm going to start looking for vintage doors and make a little outdoor sitting area in my garden like the one below. It would be the perfect place to sit on a sunny Spring day with my writing notebook.  It's made of linking old doors into an alcove with even an old door for the roof.  Doesn't that look inviting?  It makes you want to sit a spell, doesn't it?

Blessings and have a great week!


  1. Oh, I love vintage Christmas pins and can't resist them myself. Love your pin dish, it's fantastic! What size is it? LOL~your wing comment, how true. :) Pam

    1. Just letting you know your word verification is on...just makes it difficult to leave a comment, trying to read those numbers & words.

  2. Hallo Glenda! I didn't expect to see you here again my friend! WhAT a wonderful idea, using all those old doors to make that little garden gazebo. Very clever. I just adore that little pin dish and, also, the Christmas angel - she really does look vintage. Bye for now.


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