Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Vintage basket - is it treasure or trash?

This weekend was one of the few weekends all Spring and Summer that I haven't worked with Hubby at the coast in our seasonal business!  It was wonderful to be home and our local flea market was calling out to me.

I arrived hopeful, with my big shopping bag in hand.  I love these big shopping bags from TJ Max.  You can get tons of stuff in them, they're very sturdy and best of all, they're only .99 cents.  I have several of them.  They're wonderful to carry my shipping boxes to the post office.

When I don't arrive bright and early, I'm always wondering what great things I've missed. But the things I bought were things that apparently other people had passed right buy.  Like this cute little girl with the yarn hair, composition face, and jointed legs that reached out to me as I was about to walk away.  I don't know what possessed me - I'm not a doll collector.

But on down the walkway was a vendor with an old jewelry box with a few glitzy pieces.  I bought these Lisner earrings and Weiss earrings from her.  They're in my Etsy shop at this link.

Lisner Clip earrings.  I love this shade of yellow!

Weiss Clip-ons - Sunflowers!
Next it was on to an old farmer who had been cleaning out his barn.  These were hid among some old boxes he had under the table.  I felt like a kid in a candy store and bought all three.  They're the old Hazel Atlas quart jars with the flip top glass lids.  I love these things!  I have a perfect vignette in mind for them along with my blue Ball jars when I get time.

Then there was this well-used basket.  I don't know anything about it but it looks a little vintage, don't you think?

I haven't decided what I'll do with it yet.  I may keep it beside my chair for my knitting yarns (which I don't use very often) or I may put it in my Etsy Shop.  If any of my readers know what this is, I would appreciate a comment filling me in.

I so enjoyed my shopping day.  Like I always say - it's the thrill of the hunt!  Was this trash or treasure?  I don't know, but I sure had fun finding it.  Have you been junkin' or thriftin' lately?  I would love to hear about your finds.

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  1. Hello fellow thrifter - popped in from the blog hop hosted by Katherines Corner.

    Give me a visit some time ~

  2. We like so many of the same things! Enjoyed my visit!

  3. Oh, that basket it awesome! It is so unique. What a great find! Thank you for sharing this with us last week at TTF. I hope you are having a terrific week!


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